Carrie and Keoni

Carrie & Keoni

We are excited that one way or another, this letter has found its way to you. The range of emotions you must be feeling as you consider the next steps must feel overwhelming. We admire your bravery in making the choice to find the right family for your child. Hopefully this letter will help you see whether our family feels like the warm, loving, supportive environment that you are looking for.

We are Carrie and Keoni, a creative, dynamic, nurturing couple who have had the chance to create a life that we love and hope to share with another family member. We met 21 years ago while living in the dorms at UC Santa Cruz. Years later, afer graduating, working, traveling, and going back to school, we settled in Petaluma, a small but delightful town in Sonoma County in Northern California. Each of us was able to use our new teaching credentials right away as we both found jobs teaching at the same wonderful K-8, progressive school.

In 2007 our beautiful daughter Luna was born. Before we had the opportunity to have a second child, we were told that Carrie would not be able to get pregnant again. While this was difficult for us, we knew there would be other ways to welcome a new baby into the loving embrace of our immediate and extended family. We have multiple sets of close friends who have adopted, and we have been impressed and inspired by this path.

We can’t wait to expand our family through an open adoption! Carrie is a superb, energetic teacher of kindergarten and first-grade students with a reputation for bringing the best out of all of her diverse students. During her free time she rehearses and performs regularly with the San Francisco Improv Collective, which she helped found. She also loves her time at home—working in our garden, reading, baking, sewing handbags and clothing for our daughter, and dreaming up ways to customize our home, inside and
out, to be just right.

Keoni ofen tends towards quieter activities like reading, riding his bike around the local trails, crafing delicious
original dishes, or building something useful. However, when confronted with a guitar and a campfire, the 80’s
power ballads start pouring out. As a Science, English, History and Leadership teacher, Keoni works to channel the passion and rebellious nature of his seventh and eighth grade students into efforts to make the world into the place they think it should be.

With backgrounds in early childhood development, a deep love and enjoyment of babies and a wealth of experience with children through teaching, we have always taken parenting with love, kindness and respect as a must. Our daughter Luna has blossomed into a generous, talented, complex person. She enjoys playing violin, horseback riding, swimming, reading, dancing, and creating elaborate worlds with her well-loved dolls. Family is extremely important to Luna who has close relationships with all of her grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins. She also adores babies and has hoped and dreamed to get to be a big sister for years.

Grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins are all within an hour or two, and we have lots more extended family we love to visit in Hawaii. We treasure our time singing around the campfire with family here in California and learning about the traditional art of Hawaiian net-making from Keoni’s grandfather in Oahu. Carrie can’t wait to sing lots of lullabies to our new baby, and Keoni is looking forward to plenty of new snuggly moments—especially taking hikes with our baby riding along on his tummy in the bjorn.

In our family we believe that it is the most important thing to make sure our time together is well spent. We have thoughtfully crafed our home to be comfortable, beautiful and enjoyable. Our outdoor areas are decorated and cultivated to provide gorgeous flowers, delicious produce, and spaces to relax and read. We enjoy playing on the slip n’ slide and watching our hens scratch around their run. We love listening to music together and dancing, snuggling on the couch and watching Wild Kratts, walking to the river two blocks away to search for baby ducks, having tea parties, and inviting friends over for barbecues. Our family life is warm, mutually supportive and full of love. We look forward to the opportunity to bring another person into our family to share in it with us. Every time we talk about bringing a new baby into our life we all feel a flood of warmth and excitement. It would be a huge honor and a joy for us to be chosen to be parents for your child.

If you would like to talk, then we are ready and waiting to hear from you. Please call us anytime at 1.877.891.6440. You are also welcome to contact our adoption counselor, Lisa Clark, anytime at 1.800.969.6665. Thank you for reading our letter. We wish you and your child the best, whatever decisions you choose to make. Hope to hear from you soon.

With respect and love,
Keoni and Carrie